Welcome To Regalitos Foundation of Florida:

You are visiting Roland Guilarte’s dream project. Roland is a visionary whose ultimate goal in life is that of helping others around him and giving back to his community through the music that has filled his life since he was eighteen.

Born with Cerebral Palsy in his native Cuba, Roland understands well life’s challenges. Throughout his 44 years as a musician, music retailer and music promoter, Roland realized that giving back and paying it forward guarantees us continued success and happiness. Regalitos Foundation is Roland’s way of giving back to both the less fortunate in his community as well as to his beloved music fans and artists that have allowed him a successful career as a concert and events promoter.

Behind the Regalitos Foundation concept (Regalitos means small gifts in Spanish) is Roland’s desire to facilitate and promote performances by emerging and established artists in venues located on the beaches of Brevard County, Florida. The purpose of those musical concerts and events is to raise awareness and procure funding for the needs of those less fortunate in our community. The time and effort Roland contributes to Regalitos Foundation and it's projects, concerts and events are completely donated. Roland does not receive any monetary compensation. Regalitos’ continual goal is to share our passion for live music for the good of all who are passionate about humanity.

While visiting our website we hope you’ll take the time to learn about our current projects, visit our list of past projects, and take a couple of minutes to help our causes by purchasing one of our specialty items or leaving a monetary donation. Although Covid-19 has stalled our Emerging Artists Series project and concerts for now, our team will be at the ready once it is safe to have large gatherings again.

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